Soulforce president chuck phelan notes on the closing of exodus

Ryan Robertson was not killed by Exodus International.  He was killed by the teachings that are still being promulgated by Exodus International that being gay is a sin prohibited by God and by the Bible.  His loving Christian parents were trying to help him in the best way they knew how, based on those teachings.  Only when he left home after becoming estranged by the teachings that his parents clung to did they realize that the path to saving their son was to accept him just the way God made him. When Ryan contacted them 18 months or so after leaving, totally defeated by the teachings of the church, they offered their unconditional love, which had never really been withheld, and he came home, only to die from a tragic drug overdose during a relapse in his recovery.This tragic story is why what Exodus International did today, however remorseful (and I believe he is genuinely so and applaud him) its president, Alan Chambers, is, is nowhere near enough.  Exodus International must renounce not just what they have done to so many, but what their teachings as presently stated will continue to do as promulgated from them or any group spawned by them.  Again, Linda and Rob Robertson’s beautiful son was killed not by Exodus itself but by the teachings that his life was against God and the Bible which, from all indications, will continue to be espoused by groups seeking to “heal” totally healthy LGBT people living their lives just exactly as God intended.

Blessings and Love,


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