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Nashville, here we come!

On March 9th and 10th, Soulforce staff members Esmé Rodriguez and Haven Herrin will train local students and organizers from Out Central, Nashville’s LGBT Center. Out Central is gearing up for The Tennessee Equality Project Day on the Hill, and Soulforce is bringing workshops on fundamentalism and how to engage people from a faith perspective.

The development of the Nashville Crew will begin with two workshops on Fundamentalism and an in-depth examination of how to unpack Biblical passages often used to condemn LGBTQ people.  It’s all access – meant for everyday people to seasoned activists.


Can I join you?

 Absolutely. Community members are welcome to attend the training and learn about what it means to be part of a Soulforce Crew and prep for the Day on the Hill if that’s on your agenda.

 March 10, 2014

Out Central, located at 1709 Church Street.  Nashville, TN 37203

5 to 9pm, food provided

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What’s a Crew?

Soulforce Crews will be comprised of students, staff, organizers, communities of faith and social justice organizations. Crews are essentially the building blocks for all of the upcoming trainings, actions, and events that will rally people to Soulforce’s mission.

Together we build knowledge, training, and local project plans with Soulforce that address our shared goals. The possibilities for what we do together are wide, but we have key organizing springboards like working with schools that have onerous policies and other local institutions that feed fundamentalism.

Within our mission and goals is the intense desire to support those who don’t often enough “get the microphone” to assume positions of leadership in the community. This includes, but is not limited to, people of color, trans* and queer youth, individuals from economically disadvantaged communities, and folks of varied mental and physical abilities. Building community means having a seat at the table for everyone to work together.  So let your friends, family and networks know about this opportunity!

If you live in Tennessee and want to be involved with the Soulforce Nashville Crew, you are invited to attend the March 10th training.  If you can’t attend now or have questions, contact Esmé Rodriguez at


Can I get a Crew in my area?

We are open to establishing Crews in other areas. Write to us with your ideas. Where do you live? What do you need to work on in your area? Do you have an established cohort of activists, or are you looking to build one?

Our primary goal is to work with people who are excited about Soulforce principles and doing local activism in line with our organizational mission.  We will have to balance geography, capacity, and resources, but we are excited to hear from you and set up a working relationship.  Send Esmé an email today,



How is a Crew different from a chapter?

Crews are time-limited cohorts of activists in a specific region with clearly articulated goals, partnerships, resource provisions, and expectations between the Crew and Soulforce.


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