Sol&Res Launches a (R)evolution

Sol&Res, a brand new online community that will address multiple forms of oppression caused by fundamentalism has launched today! Click here to see the new Sol&Res Website. The following is a reflection on the launch of the project by its facilitator, Zachary Pullin.

Standing atop the city, on my building’s rooftop deck in Seattle, I feel infinite. It’s the moments, the quiet time, the ambient city noise that I need today. And I think about time and the revolution of the Earth around the sun. Our orbits and progress. Today is the launch of months of work of a strong, resilient band of activists from around the country.

Today we’re launching a new program at Soulforce called Sol&Res: Solidarity & Resistance. With great care and reverence for the history of Soulforce’s impact on the dialogue around dismantling oppression and confronting fundamentalism, the DNA of Sol&Res is patently Soulforce.

The work of Soulforce, the history of its resistance and solidarity, and the longstanding support of folks like you have compelled us to expand the Soulforce purpose. Sol&Res will expand our Soulforce work – examining the ways in which fundamentalism is implicated in oppression, how we must see the intersectionality of oppressions and expressions, and how – ultimately – my (our) liberation is tied up in the liberation of others. So, if we want to talk reconciliation in the church we must also talk about systemic racism in our communities, the way in which women and their bodies are oppressed, and more and how being LGBTQ and a person of faith means our basic understanding of equity and justice is a bit keener. So what can we do with that sense of justice.

Sol&Res will post essays, articles, videos, poetry, and other original content to expand the conversation around intersectional justice, oppression, and fundamentalism. Sol&Res will develop and create toolkits/resources for folks to use in their communities. Sol&Res will utilize multimedia to encourage conversation and further analysis on the intersectionality and ways to confront systems of oppression and violence.

Finally, as I stand over the life below me while on the roof, I reflect on the opening to Edward Hays’ Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim: a Personal Manual for Prayer and Ritual. Page one sets up a great visual:

“Regardless of the calendar date, we have already entered into the 21st century, into another age. In this new era our attention is turned from this small planet outward to the boundless space that surrounds us….Today we realize that Earth and the sun in company with the other planets of our solar system are a cosmic colony moving outward into infinite space. Our Earth is a living spaceship, a conscious interlocking organism on a voyage….Such an awareness of distance, speed, and order creates a sense of awe and wonder.”

Let’s move outward into space. Not just revolve. We’ll leave the revolve part for the word revolution. By moving outward, expanding our understanding around the braiding of all of our oppressions and identities together we can create the Divine. The Mystery. The Divine Mystery.

Soulforce and Sol&Res are orbiting outward together. JOIN us at Sol&Res. We’ll meet you where you’re at and grow together towards justice. When we know justice, we will know God.

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