Real Conversations

The new booklet by Haven Herrin continues to look several faiths’ texts used against LGBTQ people but adds more positive avenues for conversation and scriptural backup. Real Conversation is part deconstruction of old “clobber passages” and part demonstration of how to engage with ancient texts, scrutinizing how we read them and why. Gender, power, history, ethnicity, and political context frame this new resource.

People all over the world order these booklets. Often, we get a story about why…it’s for a friend, a parent, a child, a religious authority. We’ve sold thousands at or below cost in the last 13 years. We understand that you need these pamphlets for important outreach, but not everyone has the same resources.  We invite you to order a single copy of any of our booklets on a sliding scale from $0 to $10. These resources, of course, are never free but rather the result of years of study, critical analysis and love. We will rely on you to determine what makes sense for you as part of the Soulforce community.

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