Sacramento Symposium 2013


Please join us for an incredibly unique program! This is sure to be a wonderful morning with challenging messages, discussions, and performance concerning LGBTQ issues, spirituality, and intersectional justice. Please see the information included below for details and pass on this info to interested people!

December 14, 2013

St. Marks United Methodist Church - Downstairs in McMurdo Hall

2391 St. Marks Way - Sacramento, CA  95864 

*Coffee and snacks provided.


“The Body In Space: Gender, Location, and Street Level Justice.” How is gender constructed, practiced, and policed based on location, privilege, and the physical body? What kind of community dynamics produce healthy, positive, and justice-seeking results by and for oppressed communities? How might we look to models of street-level justice for methods by which to eliminate inequalities for LGBTQ people? How do spirituality and faith intersect with privilege and power?

This FREE half day symposium will offer workshop sessions, a keynote by Sam Noir/S. Dennison, JD, a public address by Soulforce Executive Director, Rev. Dr. Cindi Love, and a performance event in the evening (location to be announced).

The Symposium themes will center on identifying fundamentalism (white supremacy, patriarchy, and colonization) as oppressive forces and intersectional justice training. Some examples:

-gender identity/sexuality

-gender roles

-gender and poverty

-LGBTQ Youth

-oppression within minority groups

-de/colonization of the body

-street level justice (non-traditional power/power structures)

-gender, race, and neighborhood making

-spirituality, gender, and models of intersectional justice

-gender, location, and integrative health


Morning Program Schedule:

8:30-9:00AM: Registration/Sign In

9:00AM: Welcome and Introductions (Haven Herrin, Deputy Director, Soulforce, Esmé Rodríguez & Linda Hawj, Program Directors, Soulforce and Carmen Barsody, Co-Founder, The Faithful Fools Street Ministry)

9:30-10:00AM: Public Address by Soulforce Executive Director, Rev. Dr. Cindi Love

10:00AM: 1st Workshop Breakout Sessions -Identifying Fundamentalist Oppression, Bible Boot Camp and Ex-Gay Experiences

11:00AM: Keynote Speaker, Sam Noir/S. Dennison, JD ( Faithful Fools)

11:30AM: Faithful Fools: Title: “Ruben Dario’s Los Motivos del Lobo”—a play, a conversation, a forum for asking many questions

Description: A just and free society? How do we know what it is? Or how it might come about? This enactment of The Legend of the Wolf of Gubbio and St. Francis takes us beyond the sweet vision of Francis, the nice guy who loved animals, to a place where we must listen to the other and ask some hard questions. This telling of the story of trying to tame the wolf asks us to see the “other” as a whole being, with a sense of self, rooted in something other than the norms of the community. Here we seek to meet “the other” (the “other” in terms of “gender”? In terms of “race”? economic status? Mental and cognitive health?) as we acknowledge our own preconceptions of what it means to live in a just society. We, Faithful Fools, promise no easy answers, only questions.

12:00- Gender, Spirituality, Power and Privilege

12:30PM: Closing


For more information please contact:

Esmé Rodríguez, Program Director, Soulforce at:

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