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**Solandres is a grant-funded program of Soulforce.  Its purpose is to broaden and deepen the dialogue about the impact of patriarchy and fundamentalism on the lives of all human beings and to stretch our understanding of the intersections of justice.

Solandres is an interactive online community Soulforce is building to support everyday activists in understanding the links among social justice issues and how to take action. What is unique about Solandres is its focus on fundamentalism and its many tentacles into a broad set of social ills.  Fundamentalism poses a complex web of threats to justice and liberation; Soulforce’s Solandres, with its special insight into how religion can be misused to serve oppression, provides an equally comprehensive way of challenging our adversary through knowledge and tools.
It might be a story about football, the publication industry, or a pop culture phenomenon. Our job is to use the experiences of everyday life to illuminate how social justice issues are interwoven and how we can “live in 3D” with such a holistic understanding.  And we would not be Soulforce if we did not name how religion is saturating the arguments and events of the day.
Last year, we brought together a diverse, quick-thinking group of folks who represent many communities and are dedicated to LGBTQ issues.  Through a work retreat and subsequent collaboration, we learned how to peel back the covers to unearth the complex narratives underlying seemingly simple occurrences. With you, we endeavor to be stronger, more circumspect activists who do justice on all fronts as we work towards LGBTQ liberation.  Solandres is our vision of that.
Stay tuned this year for a developing community where you can connect in for discussions, broadcasts, and downloads to help you in your everyday activism.

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