The Equality Ride was conceived of in 2005 and hit the road for the first national trip in 2006. Since then, the buses have carried over 100 Riders to over 50 schools.

The message of Equality Ride is clear: discrimination against LGBTQ may be legal, but it is unjust. We call into question the school policies and ideologies which inform them offering instead a message of inclusion, as well as academic rigor.

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Soulforce’s Symposium Series brings the spirit of nonviolent social justice centered dialogue to college campuses and community organizations around the country. It is an amazing opportunity to foster community building through an experience rooted in story sharing and concrete tools of social change …

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On February 20, 2011, Sunday, Soulforce joined with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to engage in a non-violent act of resistance to the exportation of homophobia and religious bigotry to Uganda by Lou Engle, evangelist and founder of the International House of Prayer (IHOP) and The Call. We were joined by volunteers from the organization …

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The Soulforce Delegate Program recruits participants from all over the country. Each participant undergoes rigorous training on the principles of nonviolence as it relates to social justice issues…

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Looking information about our past campaigns? View the history of our activism »

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