Postcards from History

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Greetings from Soulforce!

We want to hear your stories of Soulforce to build our collective history into a digital timeline of our first 15 years. You can share anything that is important to you, but our main idea is What is your favorite Soulforce memory or activist lesson learned over the years?

We would be honored to hear your story and make sure it is documented in our official history.

How easy is it? It takes 3 easy steps

1: Open an email in your inbox. Address it to! Write “postcard” in the subject line.

2: Please include your name, date of the story, and whether you want your story posted anonymously. Then write your thoughts. Attach photos if you have them!

3: Hit Send! Thats it, you’re done.

Thanks again for contributing to our timeline project,

The Soulforce Team

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