Wanted: 80,000 People to Change the World!

Inside Out – The Documentary is a feature film that will follow for one year the lives of five transgender and gender non-conforming children and youth.

On Valentine’s Day, Friday, February 14, 2014, the film launches a 30-day campaign on its website (www.insideout-thedocumentary.com). It will ask 80,000 people to donate $10 – the price of a movie ticket – to fund the film.

This campaign marks the first time in history a community of this size has come together to fund a documentary. Achieving this goal will:

·Make a newsworthy statement about the breadth of support for transgender and gender non-conforming people

·Deliver a strong message about the size of the film’s audience that no distributor or festival can ignore – ensuring the largest possible mainstream reach.

·Make a difference in the lives of transgender and gender non-conforming children.

Inside Out is the first film to take us deep inside the lives of these children and their families. It will inspire empathy, increase awareness, and broaden the public’s understanding of all trans* people.

Soulforce is proud to support this extraordinary project to illuminate the hopes and dreams as well as the challenges and burdens experienced by trans* and gender non-conforming children and their families. A day is coming when gender will no longer carry the weight of stigma and discrimination. This film is part of helping us create that freedom. 

–Dr. Cindi Love

Your donation will help make a movie that will really make a difference! I look forward to seeing your name in the credit roll on the big screen!