Major Announcement Coming from Exodus International Tomorrow

Posted 06/18/2013

By Katy Moore

Would you like to a hear a love story? Tomorrow begins the Exodus Freedom Conference in California.  Many of you know that Exodus international has for years been one of the leading “ex-gay” organizations in our nation. (Slogans like “Pray away the gay” may come to mind.)

It’s easy for us to see the harm and pain that institutions like this cause, but tomorrow we may witness an extraordinary moment of love. Alan Chambers, president of Exodus, has asked Linda and Rob Robertson to attend and share the story of their son Ryan’s struggle to accept his sexual orientation, and his eventual, tragic death, as witness to the harm of so-called “reparative therapy” in their son’s life and in the life of their family.  They will be speaking at the opening keynote at the request of Alan Chambers.

In 2009, Linda Robertson wrote this honest, heartfelt letter about her family’s struggle to accept and love their gay son, and their heartbreak at his death.

Two weeks ago, that letter was re-posted by a Christian blog called Freed Hearts. That blog was picked up and posted on a Facebook page that was then shared over 500 times; but one of the most shocking re-posts came from none other than Alan Chambers. Chambers re-posted the link to their story on his personal Facebook page with the comment: “A story that has forever changed my heart, thoughts, and how I do ministry.”

Chambers then contacted Linda & Rob and asked them to come speak and share their ENTIRE story – uncensored.

Chambers has said that Exodus is ready to change their stance and apologize.  The family says they “see this as a HUGE opportunity to help hundreds of struggling LGBTQ Christians and family members who need to hear that they are perfect and loved just the way they are.”

It is reported that Chambers plans to join the couple on stage after their talk to make a “major announcement”, followed by a Q&A session involving all three of them.  The Robertson’s will be sharing that God created their son, Ryan, gay and loves him just as he was.  Chambers has said this is exactly the message that he wants to share.

After the conference, Chambers is scheduled to appear tomorrow evening on the Oprah Winfrey Network to repeat this “major announcement“.

We are excited by this as Soulforce has a long history of speaking out against Exodus and other ex-gay organizations, going back to our  founding by Mel White in 1998.

The Robertson Family encourages us all to ”pray that God will continue to move Alan’s heart these next few days, and that hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of Exodus International – and a major opportunity to publicize to all the other “ex-gay” ministries out there. Change is coming and God does live and breathe and move through ALL of us!”

How can a letter change the world?   If it’s written in love, and with truth; prayerfully and faithfully from the heart that has endured the potter’s fire and come forth purified.  How mighty is the God that we serve?  How great His love for us?  Merciful and holy enough to change our hearts.

Tomorrow something wonderful will happen.  The sun will rise and all the people of the earth along with it will begin a new day.  Bad things will happen, bad choices made., weddings, funerals, the whole gambit of human experience – day in, and day out.  But still the new day comes.

Tomorrow we will see great things at work.

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