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The Soulforce Delegates are doing local LGBTQ organizing in Ohio in several cities that bring together gender, sexuality, race, and religion through symposia, artistic community engagement, and leadership training.  We are looking closely at how migration and immigration stories relate to LGBTQ issues because race has been tied to both religion and the idea of belonging, and those in turn impact how one may deviate from sexual and gender norms.

We are inviting people into the discussion of im/migration as a way of approaching identity through an intersectional justice lens.  For example, a young, straight, white Christian might tell the story of their ancestors’ settlement on this land and what that means to them today.  An new, undocumented immigrant would have an entirely different story to tell in relationship to the social and political institutions of this country.  A transgender person might have the migration story of seeking better healthcare and acceptance in a larger city.

We are going to catalog these stories as a way of inciting new thought about identity, belonging, and religion and engaging the public by presenting them as public artworks through posters in shop windows in cities across Ohio.

So, we would invite you to participate as a leader who can give gravitas and momentum to this project.  All we need is your photo and a paragraph that relates your own im/migration story.  If you have a particular shop in mind that we can involve in this art project, we would love to hear that too.  While we are having phenomenal interaction with activists across Ohio in educational setting, we also want to take these conversations and insights to the broader public. Thank for considering helping us bridge these weighty topics from trainings to public discourse.

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Delegates have been extending their trainings to other communities, cities and college campuses. If you would like the Delegates to do a community training in your city or near you, please email:

Importantly, please take this short survey to help Soulforce Delegates to better understand issues and needs that are impacting LGBTQ people across communities.

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