Cindi on the New Pope – continuing a 13-year engagement with the Roman Catholic Church


As the new pope takes his place at the Vatican, LGBT people of faith and their allies look to Rome in hope that one of the most powerful religious figures in the world will use his position to lift the stigma of fear and rejection from tens of millions of LGBT Catholics and their families.

In her most recent Huffington Post article, Soulforce executive director Cindi Love reminds us that Soulforce has been engaging the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church on its anti-LGBT bigotry since Mel White and Dignity USA led a nonviolent protest at the National Council of Catholic Bishops meeting in 2000 in which 104 people were arrested. Cindi expresses the hope for change, and challenges the Vatican to overcome its history and lead the church into a new dawn of acceptance an reconciliation with LGBT people worldwide.

See also: “Republicans, Report Cards, & Roll Call” about Cindi’s visit to lobby the Texas state legislature, and the importance of telling our elected representatives our stories so they can see the human face of state-sponsored anti-LGBT discrimination.

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