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Soulforce Endorses Spelman Efforts

Soulforce is pleased to commend Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia for their recent work to convene fellow Historically Black Colleges and Universities in a discussion about sexuality and gender. An additional news article on the event can be read here. The Soulforce Equality Ride has visited two of the schools convening for this event: Morehouse and Spelman. Soulforce Director of Programs and 2010 Equality Ride Alumnus Jason Conner had this to say: “I am so Read More

Equality Ride and Beyond

Today I was thinking about the profound affect Soulforce has had on my life.  What if the Equality Ride hadn’t come to Calvin College in 2007?  The impact of the 33 Riders who came to my school is so much bigger then this article I found in the Chimes would lead anyone to believe.  In some ways, I think I’m an incredibly different person because of this. I found my voice.  I started speaking up Read More

The Equality Ride never really ends

Six months ago, I started working with Soulforce, running our web and media efforts. I have a three year history with Soulforce which started as a 2007 Equality Rider. Soulforce retained me just as the 2010 Equality Ride was setting out and a week into the campaign, I joined them in North Carolina for a visit to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Some things I remember: the long hours, the instant bond between riders, the unmistakable feeling that we are doing Read More

Renewed Purpose: At the end of a long road, young perseverance shines a light

Sitting in Meadowlark Coffee & Espresso after our 14th school stop at Union College, the only thing that came to my mind was one thing: I was tired. I was tired from the lack of sleep and countless hours on the road. I was tired of watery hotel coffee. But most of all, I was tired at defending my Read More

2010 Equality Ride: A goodbye

Editors note: Brian Adkins, a 2010 Equality Rider, composed this note to his fellow Equality Riders. We reprint it here with his permission. I joined the 2010 Soulforce Equality Ride not because I am queer, but because I am a Christian. I wanted to be a part of the dialog around the intersection of faith and sexuality and justice. Along the way, I have seen the best and the worst of Christianity. I have seen Read More

SBU in Bolivor, MO

Ahoy ahoy! The last time I blogged for the interwebs, the Equality Ride had just finished its first stop at Valley Forge Christian College, several weeks later and now I am here to talk about our stop at Southwest Baptist University (SBU). The day was interesting starting off with a little gathering with our hosts in a conference room where we had a little chat and told them exactly why we were here: 1) Their Read More

Lincoln, NE & Union College

My experience in Lincoln is good so far in that there are some initiatives towards equality extended to QTBLG (Queer, Transgender, Bisexual, Lesbian, & Gay- and YES IN THAT ORDER so don’t get it twisted) folks.  The community really likes us being in town & it inspires them to be more open about being QTBLG.  Though I found that I had to initiate the conversations about queer experiences and rights, that tells me that (1) Read More

What Is Love?

We are nearing the end of Equality Ride, and I’ve been meditating a lot about this one question: “What is love?” It’s a big concept to think about, but at the same time one of the simplest emotions to feel and identify. I feel love for my fellow Riders, and I feel love for all of the people we’ve met (and will continue to meet) on this wild adventure. I have to admit – I’ve Read More

More News from the Equality Ride

From the Canton Rep Lesbian and gay advocates brought a message of equality Friday to Malone University. The faith-based university does not permit homosexual activity on campus, per its student conduct policy. Soulforce, a nonproft organization, visited the campus to promote safe education for its community. Supporters advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community and — in this case — students. They have been on a national bus tour, the 2010 Equality Read More

A Rider in the Lion’s Den

Let me tell you a little bit about Amanda Lee.  She is a woman of tremendous strength, resourcefulness, and love.  Her recent story involves overcoming enormous challenges over seven years to earn her Bachelor’s degree at an Assemblies of God Bible school in Minnesota, a degree she desired so she could serve God and minister to His people in love and truth.  But two months before her scheduled graduation last May, she was kicked out Read More

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