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Celebrating 15 Years of Soulforce: Remembering the First Equality Ride in 2006

2014-06-24 05.36.33 pm The 15 for 15 campaign continues, celebrating 15 years of Soulforce activism. So far we have raised more than $8000 toward our goal of $15,000 by the end of Pride Month! Please donate here: The first Equality Ride in 2006 took 36 young adults to 19 colleges and universities that practiced open discrimination against LGBTQ students. There have been four subsequent Rides, with the last being in 2012. This year and next, Soulforce will Read More

Former Equality Rider Impacts Occupy Raleigh (November 2011)

Rachel Powell, 2006 Soulforce Equality Rider, makes headlines through her participation and support of Occupy Raleigh in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.  As reported by Frances Ellis (, Powell is among three of the people present at the November 6, 2011 protest as part of the Occupy Raleigh movement which intends to increase awareness in Raleigh of economic inequality and apathy toward those with fewer Read More

Equality Ride and Beyond

Today I was thinking about the profound affect Soulforce has had on my life.  What if the Equality Ride hadn’t come to Calvin College in 2007?  The impact of the 33 Riders who came to my school is so much bigger then this article I found in the Chimes would lead anyone to believe.  In some ways, I think I’m an incredibly different person because of this. I found my voice.  I started speaking up Read More

On the road for equality

This post is by Equality U director Dave O’Brien. You can connect with Dave on Twitter at @dave_obrien In March, 2006, equality hit the road and I got to be there with a camera. At over 200 colleges in the US, students face disciplinary action or even be kicked out simply for being gay. At these mostly private Christian colleges, policy states that because homosexuality goes against church teachings, any student who engages in homosexual Read More

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