Board Minutes 9-2-2010


 Meeting Convened: Thursday, September 2, 2010 – 6:00 PM PT/9:00 PM ET via teleconference

Board Members Present: Karen Ball, Carol Boltz, Bill Carpenter, Peter Drake, Julie Nemecek, Yantezia Patrick, Chuck Phelan Staff Members present: Cindi Love, ED (NOTE: Bill is also on staff)

Introductions by new board members: Peter Drake and Yantezia Patrick

1) Executive Director Report – Cindi Love Ex Gay Symposium in November

UPDATE from Cindi: MAP project and Standard Accounting Report. If you want to get any money from any of the significant sized GLBT supportive organizations, you have to get clearance from MAP. As of tonight, the consultant for accounting at MAP has signed off on our 2009 financials. (Our pro-bono accountant has spent a lot of time on it.) One of her HUGE concerns was whether we could get the MAP report complete. This was a massive effort. Arcus, Gill, Bonnet, Ford Fdn, etc. all look to MAP for validation of our ability to handle finances. Cindi can now issue financials for 2009 next week.

In the last 4 months they had to input, chase, and verify 2009.

2010 financials are underway. We will begin to have them next month, and thereafter.

The entire standards document is available at this site:

 3) Discussion of Soulforce budget crisis and urgent need for fundraising involvement on the part of the board (please see attached). Fiscal crisis Economic state of emergency

Board recognition of this issue and how we are moving forward

BOD is a fiscal org and policy org. We hire the ED, who hires the rest of the staff. We assure the financial viability. …………. “As a board, our first and foremost responsibility to Soulforce is to assure its success through financial viability.”

BOD goes into Executive Session @ 9:38pm……… Comse out of Executive Session @ 9:52pm

Soulforce BOD Meeting –Phone — September 2, 2010 – Page 2 of 4

PROPOSAL: Peter Drake, new BOD member, chair of development committee, has some thoughts on how the board can function as a fundraising organization…………. How Peter proposes to help………..  Take our list of donors (on Donor Perfect); donors, track record…………. Divide them up and call each of them…………… 40% of donor dollars are given in the last quarter of the year. (Oct, Nov, Dec). Major honor to a major donor to receive a call from a member of BOD  Say……… this is a cause I’m passionate about…….. I give my time, talent and some of my treasure, turned a corner, I’m calling you from Philly (or was there last week)…….. and able to talk about an investment that we’ve already made…….. offering it because we’re passionate about it…… here’s how you can help right now…………. PEOPLE ARE GOING TO GIVE MONEY at a very important time………… RENEWING A RELATIONSHIP AND ASKING THEM TO GIVE  Request for “Call Template” to start the conversation………. Refine that to our own style, and adapt to what we each can do within our own style  2009 / 2010 Annual Report: Cindi will do a piece that goes into the mail

 4) Report on status of Mel White Leadership Institute for Nonviolence Annual Banquet in February Chuck and Cindi met with Gary & Mel a couple of weeks ago. Gary is used to operating “in the shadows” and would like not to have his name on the Institute.

Would develop materials for the web and interactive learning, over the next 2-1/2 year period during which Mel and Gary would phase out their staff positions at Soulforce.

Chuck committed to lead a fundraising effort for the Institute $250,000 commitment to it, if we can raise a match – to fund an endowment Not just to fund salaries………….. ½ of $$ raised would fund them at NO COST TO SOULFORCE

Hope to raise the $$ by the banquet in February, and can announce it

Questions: How to balance our asks for end of year for Soulforce operations, as well as to fund the Institute……………… will reach out to those who have a particular interest in Mel and/or Gary themselves. Chuck will reach out to Lila and Mike White to ask for help in fundraising as well as gifts.

5) Discussion of Ray Boltz’s proposal to serve as an official spokesperson at his concerts and to produce a concert in each Equality Ride city in 2011 Need a full complement of ways to raise money – otherwise we are going back to the same folks over and over again. This is one great opportunity to reach out to a different group of people. It’s an opportunity to increase “brand awareness” and increase the donor pool, as well as a fundraising opportunity

Soulforce BOD Meeting –Phone — September 2, 2010 – Page 3 of 4

Motion to Approve – Bill 2nd — Julie Discussion: The other person on the concert tour with Ray Boltz is Azariah Southworth who has continued his ministry an out, gay Evangelical. (NOTE: He was a 2008 Soulforce Equality Rider).

How could we link this with the Equality Ride? The contract will be with Ray – not Azariah.

VOTE: UNANIMOUS APPROVAL (Julie had dropped off by accident)

6) Proposal for a health insurance provider for a small group plan for our staff, premiums to be paid for by employees and other qualified participants.

Motion to Authorize Cindi to move forward with this – Karen 2nd — Carol Discussion: Cindi is looking for a health insurance / disability solution for employees who are full time (and may be able to expand the coverage to qualify more people who provide “service”……….. like BOD members); Will be back with a recommendation once she completes due diligence. Need a minimum number of people to participate to have a group. No direct $$ cost to Soulforce.

Want to make sure it is Trans-Inclusive insurance. Cindi is checking.


7) New Business a) Kick starter………… the folks who produced the play called “Corpus Christi” used this tool, called Kick Starter……….. it’s a way to raise funds:

b) Reminder to be sure to read the books recommended by Cindi at our last in-person board meeting

8) Next Meeting Date – Next in-person meeting a) Suggest that we meet November 6th PM through Sunday, Nov 7th Team building, training, Q&A, accountability; renew sense of team, EXACTLY the right time to be together……….. the moment is perfect. We’d come away from it with our own Calling Tool for calling donors

Carol Boltz may be able to travel Saturday night Julie Nemechek cannot attend (will be in DC)

Chuck to send out a proposed schedule

Soulforce BOD Meeting –Phone — September 2, 2010 – Page 4 of 4

b) February meeting February 12th in Washington, DC. for dinner Chuck to send out a proposed schedule – Maybe Sunday-Monday February 13th & 14th 9) Adjournment Motion to adjourn – Bill 2nd — Karen

VOTE: Unanimous vote to adjourn (Julie no longer on call)

Adjourned at 10:58 pm Eastern; 7:58 pm Pacific

Karen Ball, Scribe 

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