Petition to American Sociological Association President Cecilia Ridgeway: Uphold Code of Ethics against Mark Regnerus


Uphold ASA Code of Ethics against Mark Regnerus ASA President Cecilia Ridgeway:

By: Scott Rose

New York, New York

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Editor’s note: Mark Regnerus, an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Texas, Austin, published the “New Family Structures Study” in the journal Social Science Research in 2012, which claimed, falsely, that children raised by gay and lesbian couples did not fare well in their adult lives. The study was later found to be riddled with inaccuracies such that Social Science Reserach withdrew its publication status. Regnerus has continued to put his his credentials as researcher into doubt and to become an activist for the anti-marriage-equality cause, appearing at National Organization for Marriage events. The following is a petition from Scott Rose of New York, appealing to the American Sociological Association to publicly separate itself from Regnerus and his “research.”

To the American Sociological Association President Dr. Cecilia Ridgeway; and All members of the ASA’s Committee on Professional Ethics, (COPE):

As you very well know, ASA member Mark Regnerus has been gay bashing with junk science, in violation of the ASA’s Code of Ethics. The details of his violations of your Code of Ethics have long since been provided to your organization.

Past ASA Presidents and Committees have behaved with integrity in parallel situations. The ASA, for example, took a strong public stand against Paul Cameron. Today, Regnerus is engaged in many gay-bashing activities horrifyingly similar to those Cameron was undertaking when the ASA publicly rebuked him.

We demand that you uphold your own Code of Ethics against Mark Regnerus.

Regnerus is part of the “expert witness project” of the National Organization for Marriage, an anti-gay hate group that hosts rallies where its chosen speakers yell through megaphones that homosexuals are “worthy to death.” Regnerus participates in NOM conferences where he distorts what research on gay people says, in order to stimulate his fellow religious anti-gay bigots to further gay-bashing hatred. That obviously has a negative impact on innocent gay people and on children being raised by gay people. Additionally, Regnerus’s behavior in doing that violates the ASA’s Code of Ethics section on Public Communications.

The signers of this petition feel that they are exercising a moral responsibility to help stop the damage inflicted on gay people and gay-headed families by religious anti-gay bigots and their bogus junk science.